Sunday, 28 August 2011

#ldnbloggermeet - update/changes

There is only one word to describe the weather we've had the last few days: WET! Not the best weather for a picnic. Aimee and I thought it would be best to change our plans a little bit.

I am so excited to be meeting you all :) I can't believe how quickly it's come about. Here are all the lovely ladies that will be attending:

Aimee     @MissLuxLife 
Becky     @ByBlahBlahBecky
Saima     @LDNshopaholic
Jaymie    @JaymieOC
Lauren    @elle_croft
Madison @MadisonJHughes
Kirsti      @kirsti_r
Laura      @firsthottie
Amy       @BlueTomatoAmy
Christina @Miss_Xtina
Jemma    @jemlouisex
Laura      @LAW1SFAB
Anna      @SMS_Style
Faye       @fayemarieblogs
Aisling   @AislingNM
Aimee    @Aimee_Victoria
JB          @SunshineJB
Lara       @LaraLain
Safira     @Safira786
Sarah     @sarahbettystyle
Rachel   @Rachelous_
Lisa       @mybutterfly63
Lauren   @DollipopsB

Any one else is welcome to come, we just may not have enough goodies to go round.
Saturday 10th September at 12:30pm.

Station: The nearest tube station is Lancaster Gate which is on the Central Line. I have checked and there are no planned closures on this line. (We kept the meeting point in the same area because we didn't want to change the plans too much.)
Meeting Point: The Mitre Pub, which isn't far from Lancaster Gate Station.
Directions: From Lancaster Gate Tube Station go right onto Bayswater road then turn right onto Craven Terrace we are 50m from Bayswater Road (24 Craven Terrace Lancaster Gate London W2 3QH)

We have a private function room on the first floor booked for us all for as long as we like. If you click here, you can print a voucher for a free drink in the pub. If you wanted, there is a nice menu at the pub for food for lunch! I will most likely have something to eat before I go and there will be some cupcakes at the pub for us all.
Becky organised for the lovely Emma from Frank PR to come and talk to us about some of the brands they represent and some goodies for us all.
Some of the bloggers are under 18 and will not be able to join us for cocktails, but I'm pleased that they're still coming along for the day in the pub.
Once we've finished at the pub, I was think we could move on for some dinner. I have been looking up some places and I will let you know what I find. I will look for somewhere that sells some cocktails and that is near to a cocktail bar so we can move there afterwards. I'll also see if I can get any vouchers for some money off or something like that.
I hope this sounds okay to you all and it's not too short notice. I am going on holiday on Tuesday for 6 days in Vegas, so if you have any questions, please do email me on: There is free wi-fi in all hotels whilst I'm out there so I will be able to read it, I may just be a little delayed in replying.

Monday, 22 August 2011

V Festival, Chelmsford

V Festival was the first festival I ever went to and I have been almost every year since. I couldn't go last year as I didn't have enough money. I wanted to go for the whole weekend but I could only get a day ticket. I went on Sunday with my friend Gemma and had a great day! I really have missed V Festival.

 I was dragged to see The Petebox by Gem. I really had no idea who he was and at this point I just wanted to chill out and sit down. I am so pleased I went to see him. He is a beatboxer and just brilliant! I have no idea how they do it! The atmosphere in the tent was amazing and he actually made V Festival for me this year! I think one of the great things about festivals is discovering new artists!
Me and Gem got these tops from Topshop a while back. When we bought them we said we'd wear them to V Festival and so we did. Please excuse our overly excited OMG pictures haha! I had a great day :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Berlin, Germany

I spent 3 days in Berlin with my best friend Cathy. She is still living in Germany at the moment and so I don't get to see her face as much as I would like. Cathy moved to Germany for a year and will be returning in September to go back to uni for her final year.

Cathy has fallen in love with Germany and after spending only a few days there, I can see why. My uncle has a flat in Berlin and we stayed there for a few days. I loved everything about it, including his amazing balcony.

They symbol for Berlin is the 'Berlin Bear'. There were so many all over the city, including 140 bears that have gone on tour which were decorated differently for each country. We had a lot of photos.

Just tucked behind the East Side Gallery was an area of pebbles, picnic benches and dance music. I had my first proper German lunch here: bratwurst and beer.

The East Side Gallery is the longest remaining bit of the Berlin Wall. There was so much art, here are some of my favourites.

All around Berlin there are random man made beaches. We found one at the end of the Berlin Wall and it would of been rude not to stop and have a cocktail. Sadly, it started raining and we got stranded for a few hours.

We then found the Berlin Bears on tour whilst on the hunt for some Thai food!

The Ireland Bear

On our last day we had the best chocolate eclairs ever, and did some shopping before our flight home.

The Australia Bear

The German Bear

I had a great weekend, one of the best I've ever had! We are going to try and go back next year before my uncle sells his flat. I'm really pleased that me and Cathy got to share such a brilliant weekend together.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home

After seeing the film for the third time I thought I'd do another post with some of my favourite things I've found on the WeHeartIt/YouTube.

All Was Well.