Wednesday, 23 November 2011

#ldnxmasbloggermeet - our day

I would like to start this post by saying a massive 'thank you' to every one that come to the blogger meet. It was so good to meet you all and I hope you all enjoyed yourself. I also want to say 'thank you' to Law who helped me plan the day and all the brilliant sponsors we had.
After  all the emails, securing the lovely sponsors, making sure I had everyone on the guest list, it was a relief when the day finally come around.
The blogger meet took place in the very festive Warwick pub just off of Regent Street, London on Saturday 19th November. We had the basement to ourselves for the afternoon and it was a brilliant space for us all. I met my lovely friend Emma from Frank PR before and we had some lunch and cocktails (to settle the nerves). Soon Law arrived with her lovely Barry and then our day begun.

First up, the lovely Sarah from Lush come along to talk to us about some of the amazing products. I am one of the people that thought that Lush was mainly bath bombs, but how wrong was I! Their bath bombs are amazing but I will definitely be buying some of their other products soon. We all got an amazing gift bag from Lush with some new products to try. I will do doing a separate post on these.
Next up was the lovely Anna from Maggie Angus. A little while ago I started working for Anna and I make some of the lovely jewellery on the website. She's an absolutely lovely lady and I love working for her! Anna spoke about how she started her shop which was really inspirational and it was great to hear how far her shop has come. Maggie Angus jewellery is in all kinds of magazines and even on X Factor.
Anna also bought along a selection of her Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which I absolutely love. My favourites being the cloud shaped jewellery and the wooden ancor.
The lovely Faye from Wired Jewellery also sponsored our event. I was so pleased I finally got to meet Faye because we would spend our time talking about Australia and the food.
Faye also spoke in front of everyone, even though she was so nervous! She told us about the reasons she started her shop, what her products are made from and plans for the future. Faye is an absolutely girl and has actually started her own blog after coming along to the blogger meet.
The lovely Debs from Bang on Vintage also sponsored our event with some lovely bracelets that she specially created for #ldnxmasbloggermeet. Debs couldn't make it to the day, because she is busy moving house, but a massive thank you for sending me the lovely jewellery to give to everyone.
Debs was kind enough to offer everyone that come to the blogger meet and their readers 15% off Bang on Vintage by using discount code XMASBLOGGER11.
Law bought along Love Label gift boxes for us all from Inside is a cheek tint and highlighter and 3 plumping lip glosses. Such a lovely present for us all!
Claire, Faye, Puja and Jasmine
me and Kirsti
Emma, me and Emily
After our time at the pub me, Law, Jo, Amy, Lucy and Faye went and had coffee and chatted about our day. Then me and Law slipped off for a cheeky McDonalds.
I hope you all enjoyed yourself as much as I did. It was so good to meet you all, you're all so lovely. I am gutted that I wasn't able to speak to you all more, but there will be more blogger meets for us to meet again.
Thank you so much!
p.s. most of the above photos have been taken from Law's blog.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

#ldnxmasbloggermeet - the bloggers

This post shows everyone who come to the blogger meet. Thank you so much for coming! It was great to meet you all and I hope to see you all at the next one :)
  1. My blog @emmaharold
  2. Law's blog @LAW1SFAB
  3. Becky's blog @By_Becky
  4. Jemma's blog @jemlouisex
  5. Faye's blog @fayemarieblogs
  6. Sarah's blog @sarahbettystyle
  7. Amy's blog @amymcjohnson
  8. Joanna's blog @MdemoiselleLala
  9. Kirsti's blog @kirsti_r
  10. Helen's blog @heleneveline
  11. Susuana's blog @SusuanaLove
  12. Emily's blog [no twitter]
  13. CathyAnn's blog @sassycathyann
  14. Christie's blog @Chrisssiee
  15. Anna's blog @MaggieAngus
  16. Lauren's blog @elle_croft
  17. Puja's blog @pujaaaa
  18. Jasmine
  19. Daisy's blog @prettygreentea
  20. Eve's blog @evemariadust
  21. Emma from Frank PR
  22. Suzi's blog @stylesuzi
  23. Claire's blog @rainbowsnfairyd
  24. Hayley's blog @FashionAndMe
  25. Jo's blog @_LittleJo_
  26. Faye's shop @wiredjewellery
  27. Mary's channel @This_girlslife
  28. Lucy's channel @loopysos
  29. Lucy's blog @lucyjanewood
  30. Annabel's blog @BelPW
  31. Amy's blog @amyknowsbestuk
  32. Michelle's blog @_missallen

Saturday, 5 November 2011

heaven and earth

To be honest, when it comes to make up I am pretty clueless. I have a small make up bag with mascara, blusher and concealer in and that is pretty much it. I really would love to know how to do my make up properly and I need to expand my collection.

I have seen some good reviews on other peoples blogs about the Heaven and Earth Eye Palette by MUA and I decided start my expansion with some eyeshadow. I looked in my local Superdrug and I couldn't find it anywhere - they're good like that. After putting my dilemma on to twitter, the absolutely lovely Rebecca said she would pick one up for me and send it to me! Thank you so much Rebecca :)

I am really pleased that I got this palette. I really like all the colours and I think they stay on incredibly well and for a long time. For £4 you really can't go wrong and I would highly recommend this palette.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

glossy box october 2011

As it's already November (where does the time go?) I thought it be best that I gave you my review of October's Glossy Box. I got my first Glossy Box in September, and I wasn't overly impressed by it. I thought I would give it one more month to make up my mind.

I thought that this box was better then the last one.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails - The colour I received wasn't for me, so I was put off this item straight away. It may be a lovely nail varnish and go on really well, but I would never wear it. This one is going to my little cousins - I am sure they will get more use out of it.

Stila Eyeliner - I don't usually use eyeliner, but I tried this one and I quite like it. It smudged quite well and I liked the effect. Only down point is that it seems to make my eyes quite itchy.

Robert Piguet Perfume - I didn't think I was that fussy with perfume, but it turns out I am. I could wear only one of these and that would be as a last resort.

Dermalogica Age Smart - I really liked all three of these products and, for me, they are what made the box worth while. I loved the feel of my skin after using them and my lips are so soft now. If they weren't so expensive, I would consider going out and buy these products.

Overall, even though this months Glossy Box was better than the last, I was not overly impressed. The Glossy Box is £12.95 including p+p, and when your saving, that can be a lot of money. I decided to unsubscribe from Glossy Box and spend my hard earned cash on something else, that I will actually enjoy.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

she's magnetic

I first saw magnetic nail varnish on QVC TV. It was Nails Inc nail varnish and, to be honest, I thought it was a bit pricey. I'm a more cheap and cheerful type girl. Today I come across The Saturday's Magnetism nail varnish by Fashionista. I was please to find that I could get two nail varnished for the price of one Nails Inc nail varnish. There is also 3 for 2 on them at the moment.

Today, in the 3 for 2, I got the purple and green nail varnish along with the all important magnet. Next time, I will be sure to get the rest of the nail varnishes so I have the whole collection.

I am a huge fan of the magnetic nails already because there is nothing like it. I really like the effect of the nails and that the nails shimmer and move in the light. I need some more practise but I was pleased how they turned out on my first go; I just need to remember not to dip the magnet in the wet nail varnish :| have you got any magnetic nail varnish yet? What do you think?