Thursday, 29 September 2011

glossy box september 2011

So I thought that now it is nearly October, I really should post my review on September's Glossy Box. This Glossy Box was my first one and, after reading some good reviews, I thought I'd sign up too.

I am a sucker for pretty packaging and I loved how the box was presented. I am going to be honest and say the contents of the box were okay...
HD Brows - I heard good things about this product so I was excited to try it out. Sadly, none of the colours matched my eyebrows so I have used them as eye shadows instead.
Plum - I actually quite liked this perfume. It has a stronger smell than my normal ones but, even though I like it, I don't think I'd buy a whole bottle.
Green People - I have used this moisturiser a few times and I am really liking it. I love the smell and it doesn't leave my skin shiny, like so many do.
Moa - I love the smell of this balm but I don't really like the texture. I think it's more like rubbing Vaseline in to my skin. I have quite dry fingers and feet at the moment and it works a treat on them but I wouldn't use it all over.
Rahua - I didn't think the shampoo sample was big enough. I washed about half of my head and ran out, and my hair isn't long at all. I would expect a sample to last one wash at least. I had to wash my hair with my ordinary shampoo so I don't know how it treated my hair. The conditioner had the perfect amount and left my hair really soft. I wasn't too keen on the smell though, it kinda smelt like a cocktail that had been left in the sun.

My favourite item out of this box was Green People's moisturising cream.
I think this months box was more miss than hit. I am going to see how next months box is but I don't want to spend £12.95 a month on something that is just okay.

Monday, 26 September 2011


I would like to start this post by saying another huge 'thank you' to everyone who attended the last blogger meet and to the brilliant sponsors we had. It was such a brilliant day and I hope to see you all again at this one.
I'd also like to say a huge 'thank you' to the lovely Law who has helped me plan this blogger meet.
Saturday 19th November from 1pm. Even though it is a Christmas meet, it's not too near Christmas overlap with family and any travelling.
We have an area book in the Warwick Pub 1-3 Warwick Street, London, W1B 5LR 020 7734 4409 in the Regent Street area between 1pm and 4pm. We will have a meet and greet and there is no set plan so bloggers are free to discuss anything. It's great to talk face to face and also discover new blog's. The Warwick also serve food from meals to snacks so you won't have to leave the meet, and last time some bloggers very kindly made cupcakes if anyone would like to make some again.
The nearest Tube Station is Piccadilly Circus Station. There are no planned closures on the Piccadilly or Central Line, but some of the others have part planned closures. Please click here, to plan your journey and make sure the closures don't affect your journey.

As the pub is in a great location there is a variety of things that you can do after 4pm. There's lots of different things so there will be something to suit everyone.
The Warwick - At 5 pm the pub turns in to a club and they are more than happy for any bloggers who wish to stay to have their own private booth. (Just a note) If you do leave and go back to the Warwick at 5:00pm you will have to pay £5 entrance fee and will be asked for ID.
Shopping - The Warwick is based just around the back of Mango, just off Regent Street, so it's close to all the shops if you wanted to go see displays and go shopping!
Winter Wonderland - The 19th November is the first day that Winter Wonderland is open at Hyde Park, and a great way to get in the Christmas sprit. It's free to walk around the stalls that there are loads of places to eat.
There is also Ice Skating £13.50, Zippos Christmas Circus £9.50, Zippos Cirque Extreme £9.50 and The Giant Wheel £8 - best to book in advance! There are also lots of rides that start from £2 and tokens can be bought on the day.

From The Warwick we can get the Piccadilly Line a few stops to Hyde Park Corner and then a 1 minute walk.
Anyone is welcome to the blogger meet, you don't have to be from the London area. Please let me know by Tuesday 1st November. This is the cut off point so I have a final count and can let sponsors know. That also gives you enough time if you need to cancel, as places will fill up quickly and other bloggers may want to attend instead. I will do a blog post on 2nd November with everyone that is attending :) Please email me at: if you'd like to attend.

I hope you can all  make it, I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some new people. Of course, there is another hash tag #ldnxmasbloggermeet for Twitter. Spread the Christmas Blogger Cheer!

If you or your company would like to sponsor this event, please get in touch. It is a great way to get your products straight to bloggers and to hundreds of views. Last time we had amazing sponsor's, which were mentioned on Twitter and many blog posts. We are thankful for your support. Please email me: or Law:

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Vegas, America

It's been two weeks since I got home from Vegas and I have only just got round to doing my blog post. I warn you now, there are so many photos...
I went with my lovely friend Emma. My mum and dad paid for the holiday for my 21st birthday, I feel incredibly lucky to get such an amazing and memorable present.
I was really excited to be flying with Virgin as I've never flown with them before. I've got to say, I was actually quite disappointed and it didn't live up to my expectations. We we lucky enough to get a old crappy plane both on the way there and back.
Day 1
After a 10 hour and 45 minute flight :| I was so excited to be in Vegas. It was unbelievably hot but bearable. We stayed at the Tropicana which was right near MGM and New York New York. It was one of the quieter ones but after being in the big hotels, I quite liked that ours didn't have as many visitors.

Struggling to stay awake, me and Emma had a wonder around Vegas.

Day 2
We had a very early start today, but it was totally worth it. We went to the Grand Canyon. The whole experience was an exciting one. We got picked up from our hotel in a limo, went in a helicopter and on a boat with champagne :) The Grand Canyon is massive, the pictures don't show just how massive it really it. I really enjoyed the Grand Canyon and going in a helicopter for the first time.
Some of the pictures didn't come out very well because of the sun glare :(

In the afternoon, we did some shopping in Planet Hollywood which was so much fun! I bought some Ray-Ban sunglasses which I've wanted for so long. I love that it is acceptable to have cocktails in the middle of the day whilst shopping - heaven. I also got to try a Tazo Iced Passion Tea Lemonade for the first time - absolutely amazing! I wish they sold them in the UK.

Day 3
We started our day at the Shark Reef Aquarium in Mandalay Bay Hotel. It was really cool and hard to beleive there could be sharks in the hotel you're staying in.

Of course, we then did some shopping!

 We had dinner in Caesars Palace in a really cool Beijing restaurant which was so nice!

 This tramp is getting money out of the fountains - classy!

We had an amazing night out at Tao in the Venetian. We got put on the VIP list and free drinks! The only money I spent was on a dirty McDonalds on the way home! It was such a good night! This is the only photo from this night...

Day 4
We spent the whole day by the pool today. We hired a cabana for the day so we could have some shade. It's so hot in Vegas and I know I would of burnt. I actually spent most of the day in the shade but it was just such a nice day. We had many cocktails beside the pool in the glorious sunshine.

We ended the night in a Irish Pub. A very good day!

Day 5
We did so much today! It was our last full day in Vegas and we has so much to fit in. We got a bus all the way to Downtown Vegas and it was here that I first experienced Dunkin' Donuts - OH MY GOD! I was actually in heaven!

 We had so much to fit in the evening. We went up the Eiffel Tower, saw the fountains at the Bellagio, had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and I went on the rides at the top of the Stratosphere.

The meal we had at The Cheesecake Factory was actually amazing! I think it is the best meal I have ever had in any restaurant. The cocktails and cheesecake were bloody nice too!

After a huge meal I went on the rides on top of the Stratosphere. I didn't think it would be the best idea but I have been told it's a must when visiting Vegas. We went, I went on the rides and I wasn't sick, score!

Day 6
Today was our last day. We basically got up, gambled a little (when in Vegas) and made our way to the airport! I had such a good time in Vegas and I would defiantly go back! I am going to do another post on what I bought, there was just so much!