Saturday, 19 November 2011

#ldnxmasbloggermeet - the bloggers

This post shows everyone who come to the blogger meet. Thank you so much for coming! It was great to meet you all and I hope to see you all at the next one :)
  1. My blog @emmaharold
  2. Law's blog @LAW1SFAB
  3. Becky's blog @By_Becky
  4. Jemma's blog @jemlouisex
  5. Faye's blog @fayemarieblogs
  6. Sarah's blog @sarahbettystyle
  7. Amy's blog @amymcjohnson
  8. Joanna's blog @MdemoiselleLala
  9. Kirsti's blog @kirsti_r
  10. Helen's blog @heleneveline
  11. Susuana's blog @SusuanaLove
  12. Emily's blog [no twitter]
  13. CathyAnn's blog @sassycathyann
  14. Christie's blog @Chrisssiee
  15. Anna's blog @MaggieAngus
  16. Lauren's blog @elle_croft
  17. Puja's blog @pujaaaa
  18. Jasmine
  19. Daisy's blog @prettygreentea
  20. Eve's blog @evemariadust
  21. Emma from Frank PR
  22. Suzi's blog @stylesuzi
  23. Claire's blog @rainbowsnfairyd
  24. Hayley's blog @FashionAndMe
  25. Jo's blog @_LittleJo_
  26. Faye's shop @wiredjewellery
  27. Mary's channel @This_girlslife
  28. Lucy's channel @loopysos
  29. Lucy's blog @lucyjanewood
  30. Annabel's blog @BelPW
  31. Amy's blog @amyknowsbestuk
  32. Michelle's blog @_missallen

11 comments: said...

Wow HUGE list, how exciting!!

xXxStundonxXx said...

Wow there are loads of you! So jel! x

princesselfy said...

Eeeek! Excited! And so many new blogs for me to have a browse of! x

Mademoiselle Lala said...

Yey! So excited now! X

Never Too Broke For Beauty said...

Aw I'd love to come but London is pretty far for me. I'd love a weekend in London but its a little too close to xmas to part with the cash. Have fun!Katy

Emma.W said...

OPh my God so many people! Will be fun :D

Safira said...

So excited to see everyone again, and see some new faces. Will be so much fun! x

SMS Style said...

Sooooo excited! Promise to mail you about those PRs over the weekend. Lots of love xxxx

Paperbacks and Postcards said...

Eek! I am so exciting! Going to go check out everyone's blogs now! xx

Stina said...

Hey sorry I did not make it - hope u had an awesome time x

H said...

Thanks again for this Emma! I've finally got round to adding everyone's blogspot blogs. It was good fun! Look forward to the next one already ;)