Thursday, 19 January 2012

prime time

I hate how my make up runs off my face, pretty much as soon as I leave the house. I've heard a lot about primers, but I've not used one until now. I got this from my nan for Christmas (bless her!) and I love it so much I thought I'd share it with you.

I moisturise first and use one pump which I find covers my whole face. It leaves my face soft, smooth and even. I use a powder foundation (liquid foundation make my face shiny!) and I find the primer holds it really well - and for much longer then usual.

I'm trying to expand my make up collection and I am pleased that I have added this amazing item.

bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer - £19 and worth every penny.


Natalie - said...

Aww so sweet of your nan to get you that! This was the first primer I ever used - although it was only £15 when I had it! It came with the bare minerals foundation set and, although I did really like it, I don't really see primer as an essential part of my makeup regime so I never replaced it. Although I did recently buy a 17 primer which is ok - it was only a fiver though so I wasn't expecting much! x

Daisy said...

I will have to make sure I try this !

VLL said...

your nan is brilliant! I have used this primer for a year :) it lasts a long time to :)

Melita Kiely said...

i've just tried boots No.7 primer and am so impressed with how long my make-up stays on for, morning til night it looks as fresh as when i applied it! can't believe i never used one til now. would love to be able to afford one such as bare minerals as their other products such as blush and foundation have been amazing, but alas, i have a serious lack of pennies! x