Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Barcelona, Spain

I have just got back from Barcelona. I went with two friends to celebrate Cathy's 21st birthday! It was an amazing few days!
The first day we went out for a "quiet" meal. We found a place called TapaTapa. We had Sangria, ate lots of food and checked out the Spanish waiters. After dinner we went for a walk around the city. It is so beautiful! All the buildings were lit up, it was warm and we had fun. We went to the city centre where there were lots of fountains. Of course, I thought it would be a good idea to stand in the fountain. Our walk took us to a small bar down a side alley. We decided on Mojitos which was the worst idea ever! They were so strong and only Becca could finish her cocktail. Good on her! It was late but still there were a lot of places open. We had waffles as we walked along finding our next place to go, which were amazing! The best waffles I have had. We decided on the Hard Rock which I am pleased about! One mention for 21st birthdays and we got a free surprise cocktail. A great night!

The second day was Cathy's 21st birthday! We basically spent the day walking around Barcelona and taking in the sights. We saw the Cathedral, many more beautiful buildings and street performers and the beach! We stood in the Mediterranean on 3rd January 2011! Who'd of thought! After a siesta (when in Spain...) we went to another Tapas restaurant, Piscolabis. It had pretty much the same food as the night before but the atmosphere wasn't the same. After dinner we walked around the city some more and ended diving in to small cafe in desperate need for the toilets and ended up ordering another jug of Sangria et Cava. We made our way back to our hostel and had a bit of an early one! A lovely day indeed!

Our last full day in Barcelona was spent walking around Barcelona again. We went to Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. It is amazing! The detail gone in to making the building is astonishing. It is going to take another 20 years to complete it and I can not wait to see the finished piece. We then got a train to Park Guell. When we decided to go to the park I was thinking grass and picnic benches, I even took my book along to read!! We was in for a surprise. The park was basically made up of mosaics. The ground was pebbled, the stairs, ceiling and seats were all mosaic! It was amazing to see! The open grounds was covered in tradesmen, a band and performers. The atmosphere was brilliant and there was a view of Barcelona. One of my favorite places. Whilst we was there the Policia turned up and all of a sudden all the tradesmen were running all over the place and hiding in bushes!! It really was one of the funniest things I have seen! After a long day we chased the sunset then ended up at TapaTapa again. It was an eventful meal which ended with me going on a date with a Spanish waiter then meeting my friends and getting free wine. Not a bad way to end a great city break!

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