Saturday, 1 January 2011


I had a very good new year's eve this year. My friend Sara from Wales come to spend new year's in Essex. We spent the day in London and took in the sights as Sara has never been to London before. We started at St. Paul's Cathedral then walked across The Millennium Bridge. From the bridge we got to see a brilliant view of London, The Thames and Tower Bridge. We then walked to The Tate. I met Sara in Australia and so it was only right that we celebrated the new year of Australia in. We stopped at a pub and had a few drinks. In Australia there are different time zones, so obviously we celebrated new year's of 3 different time zones in. We then went to the London Eye and walked over the Waterloo Bridge and towards Trafalgar Square whilst passing Big Ben. We finished our day at Buckingham Palace and made our way home ready for the party.
My friend Becca had a house party and had all her family and friend's there. It was a really good party and a lovely way to see the new year in. We had many laughs and a lot of fun!
2010 has gone quickly. Most of my year was focused on going to Australia. The saving, the planning... it was all worth it! My 2010 has been an amazing year and I am looking forward to 2011 and new things and new faces.

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