Monday, 7 March 2011

2 1 ♥ saturday

I woke up unusually early because I was so excited! I was like a kid at Christmas! I spent the morning with my family. I opened lots of cards I'd got through the post and some amazing gifts! From my Mum and Dad got me a Me to You statue, las Vegas and a camera (which I got on Sunday because it was also from my Uncle). My brother Steve and his girlfriend Andrea got me a lovely Tiffany & Co bracelet! My brother has made me a video. He puts filming footage and photos to music! I will also see this on Sunday for the first time! I also got this scarf sent through from my friend Sara who lives in Wales. I thought it was incredibly kind of her! My friend Gemma come round in the morning to give me a present. I got a lovely Alice band and iPhone case and she's made me an amazing cake with Harry Potter on it! It was absolutely brilliant! My friends Jess, Cathy and Becca, come round in the afternoon so we could get ready for our night out in London. My friend Cathy flew back to England from Germany for the weekend. I thought this was so nice of her to come all this way to spend the weekend with me! We had some beer, wine and vodka jelly whilst watching some sex and the city. My surprises started today and I was truly touched! I had a quick shower and when I come down the stairs a lady had arrived to do all of our make up for the night! I had absolutely no idea that they'd planned this at all! I was in shock! I had fake eyelashes and coral lipstick on and I'd not worn either of them before. We all looked stunning and the make up was done so well! Once we was all ready was were just waiting for our lift to London. There I was thinking that my friend's dad was giving us a lift but when I went outside a limo had arrived! I just could not believe it! I am lucky to have such lovely friends that have made such an effort to make my birthday a special one! I will always remember my birthday and the surprises from them!
The journey up to London was a lot of fun and was filled with music, champagne and wine! We dropped our bags at the hotel we'd booked and then went straight to the London Eye! I have been on the London Eye before but never at night. Seeing London lit up was really special! We then made our way to Planet Hollywood for dinner. I got a lovely garlic chicken noodle dish and I ate the entire meal with chop sticks, I was really pleased with myself haha! We got starters, a main meal, dessert (with sparkles) and 2 cocktails for £25 each! I thought that was a really amazing price. My dad printed off a voucher for us so we got lots of money off, click here. We then got a cab back to our hotel and crashed for the night! I would like to thank my friends for making my birthday an extra special one! I was totally unexpected to have my make up done and a limo for the night! ♥

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