Monday, 7 March 2011

2 1 ♥ sunday

Once I'd got home from London in the morning, I just wanted to sleep! But, I had all my family coming to my house so I decided on lots of red bull! All my family started to turn up from 3pm. I got some amazing gifts from my family and I felt like a very lucky girl indeed! I got a Nikon D3100 from my uncle and parents, a gold locket from my aunts, uncles, cousins and nan and a necklace with my birth stones in from my grandad and gran. I also got some dollars for my holiday to las Vegas in the summer which I thought was amazing because I didn't think of asking for any! We had some lovely curry for dinner and lots of alcohol! By 7pm everyone was a but merry and it was really nice to see everyone enjoying themselves at my 21st birthday! A very lovely day and a perfect end to a wicked weekend! I would like to thank everyone that has made my weekend very special ♥ I will never forget my 21st birthday!

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