Monday, 2 May 2011

Hagen, Germany

My best friend Cathy moved to Germany in August 2010 for a year. With me going to Australia, then having no job and no money, I have only been able to book a ticket to see her. She is a student and, as part of her course, she moved to Dusseldorf to teach English to students in a German school.
It was a very early start for me and our friend Jess; and also my dad, bless him, who took us to the airport. We met Cathy at the arrivals gate and had huge amounts of hugs, it was lovely to see her again. When we arrived in Hagen, we dropped our bags off and went for a look around the town. There were some adorable little shops. They had lots of vintage and kitch inspired items that I wish I could of bought. There was also lots of shops that sold pretty stationary which I loved.
In the evening we went to a Mexican Restaurant and we got to meet Cathy's boyfriend. The restaurant sold huge cocktails and some I'd never tasted so that was really nice. I drank so much - and I managed to get a lot of the cocktails on my cardigain.

On Saturday and Sunday we went to Holland for Queen's Day - I will do another post on this. When we arrived back we basically chilled. It was such a lovely weekend and so good to see my friend again. :)

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