Saturday, 2 June 2012

chasing daisies

I can not believe that it has been nearly 3 months since I last did a post. To call it a 'short break' is a bit of an understatement. But I am well and truly back to blogging and I am really looking forward to it. I have a few posts planned including an update on my Operation Shorts and some outfit posts.
I have also changed my mind totally on what I want to do with my life. It used to be all about Australia but after having some good news from my job I am thinking of staying in England for much longer. I am planning on going to Australia for a month next year but I think that will be it for now.
I have also decided that I want to concentrate more on what makes me happy, because it's important to be happy right? For me this is includes getting experience in event planning and looking to move to London! I will be doing more blogger meets so I get to meet some more of you lovely people. I am also going to organising something a bit different which will combine my love for travel and blogging. Keep an eye out ;)

It's been a weird few months of seeing friends go through hard times and finding out just how confusing some people really are. But things are looking up for my friends and I can finally start to get my head around the fact that I am basically Bridget Jones before the whole Daniel Cleaver or Mark Darcy fiasco, because I have no one. I will now leave you with the image of me singing in to an empty vodka bottle whilst listening to Sad FM ;)

n e w  s t a r t  f o r  j u n e


VLL said...

Love your hair in a bun! You look great. Also, add Paris to travelling list ;) happy times for us bloggers! Xo Love, VLL.

Daisy said...

You look so different in this photo but just as beautiful as ever. I am pleased to hear how focused and content you sound. I am excited for all these events you are planning in your mind and if you ever needs some help or even just a photographer then I am ready to give you a hand.

Good luck with everything and it's nice to see you back on the blog.

Belle du Brighton said...

your eyes are so prettyyyyy! You look different with your hair up, I like it!
Glad you have more focus now, sometimes its nice to drift, but more often that not we are more successful if we have a plan!

Miss Dennis-Reid said...

I’m so pleased that your blogging again, your posts have been missed!! looking forward to reading/seeing your up and coming projects xx

Charlotte Searles said...

Love this photo of you!
I'm having a new start for June too (yes this does mean a new blog BUT I have BIG ideas this time) and I've promised myself that it's my last new start/project and that I'll see it through to the end LOL
We can keep each other on track with our plans and goals! xxxxxxxxx

Emma - daydream believer said...

Yay glad to see you are back to blogging! Haha i have just had 4 days off from blogging and it feels very strange now that I have been posting every day :D

You're plans all sound very exciting!! I'm hoping to move to London next year as well (hopefully in September!) We will definitely have to have a meet up if we both end up there :)

Emma x

ps you look lovely with your hair up in a bun!