Monday, 25 June 2012

feeling festive #9 - secret santa in june

For a few years now me and my friends have done Secret Santa a bit backwards. At Christmas we all go out for dinner and pick who we will have to buy for, but instead of giving our presents at Christmas we wait until half way through the year. So we didn't sound totally mental, we come up with a few reasons... At Christmas all our money is spent on presents for the family so we don't really have spare money for friends. Plus, who doesn't love getting a random present half way through the year!!
Here are the presents I received. I got a big bottle of Budwiser, Mojito and a Gryffindor scarf... My friends really do know me well! I was so pleased with the gifts I received. I did a post here which shows what I got last year.

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adoreabubbles said...

The most gorgeous packaging I have ever seen!