Sunday, 29 July 2012

live your dreams

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Once again, I have changed my mind about what I want to do with my life. Everything I said in this post can basically be ignored. I will be going to Australia and I will be going soon. I love to meet new people and explore new places and I think, momentarily, I forgot that and got too comfortable in my life as it is now. I have forgotten what it feels like to be out of my comfort zone and how much I enjoy not knowing what will happen next.

I am so excited about my plans, but at the moment I haven't told my parents about my change of heart. They want me to follow my dreams but at the same time they will think I am a massive idiot to leave another well paid job to travel. That may be true and may seem stupid to some people but I am a huge believer of following your dreams and I have wanted to live in Australia for as long as I can remember.
Before I leave I will be selling quite a bit on eBay and setting up a Big Cartel shop to sell some vintage clothes I have discovered, so keep an eye out. All money made will be going towards my travel fund. I will also be organising one last blogger meet before I go and I hope I'll get to see a lot of you there.
I really do love to travel and I have set up my own travel blog [the-travelchain] which I will be updating a lot more now my mind has been made up about leaving. I hope you'll enjoy reading about my journey along the way.


Andrea said...

Wooo!! Good for you. Do it now :)As you get older(like me) You lose confidence to act on impulse, so enjoy and go with your dreams. My daughter is going to Australia in Oct. She will be starting off in Joondalup in Perth. Ive encouraged her all the way. Good Luck :)

xXxStundonxXx said...

How exciting! I'm pretty jealous!
My friend lives in Australia, she went last year came home for a few months and then went back out. She is loving it! Her facebook updates make me quite jealous.
I'll have to try and make the meet so that I can meet you before you leave us! xx

Daisy said...

This post has made me so happy. I am delighted you have made this decision and I hope it gives others (and me) the motivation to follow dreams! xx

Sarah P said...

First off, I LOVE this t-shirt! :)

Secondly, I think it's so important to follow your dreams otherwise you'll just end up regretting it somewhere down the line. Follow your heart and you won't go wrong :)

Australia sounds amazing! V jealous!


amy said...

if you're happy, everyone that loves you will be happy! so excited for your adventure for you!

loopysos said...

That's all you can do, is follow your dreams, and live your life be happy :) fingers cross I am well enough and is able to go to the next meet up, if not I be there in spirit :) xx

Puja Kotecha said...

Awwww, I'm so glad you;re following your dreams! How inspirational and extremely exciting! I will definitely come to the blogger meet, it'll be lovely xx