Thursday, 13 September 2012

sleep less, dream more

I literally love my room and if I see something pretty I can't help but buy it. A little while ago I was reading Faye's blog and saw a post on these lovely scrabble cushions made by Stacey and I had to put in an order. Mine arrived the other day and it now has a permanent place on my bed. Last orders for these amazing scrabble cushions is tomorrow (14th!!) so put your order in quickly if you want one too.
I also treated myself to some new bed sheets today. I have been after something floral for a long time and I found these in Primark for £15, which I thought was a total bargain.
Once again I have been pretty busy which includes a serious lack of sleep. Next weekend I have made no plans and I am going to keep it that way. I'm planning a day wrapped in my new duvet set surrounded by candles with a few good films to watch. Any good film recommendations to add to my collection?



Milly said...

Your bed looks so cosy! I love cushions as well, and those ones are brilliant! x

Laura Holt said...

Love the floral bed sheets and the scrabble cushion! (ooh and the pretty lights)
As for films, anything with a Zebra in sounds like a good idea, haha :) xxx

Mat said...

pretty swish letter cushion

Ieva Lasmane said...

This looks sooo warm and cosy! Lovelyy <3