Saturday, 1 September 2012

the secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage

It feels like forever since I last updated my blog, but a lot has been going on. I wrote a post a little while ago about how important I think it is to follow your dreams. My dream? To live in Australia. I have been saying for as long as I can remember that I will go back to Australia for at least a year but I didn't ever make any plans. That has all changed now. Since this post I have put my dream in to action and I will be leaving England on the 19th November this year.
At the beginning of August I literally thought 'fuck it'!! At 2am I applied for my working holiday visa and the very next day I received an email to say I had been accepted. I then made an appointment with STA Travel on 18th August to book my flights and insurance. It was only after I had been granted my visa, paid for insurance and my flight that I decided to tell my parents I was leaving. Note to self: don't fiddle with your top around your belly when you tell your parents you have something important to tell them!! My parents were shocked I am leaving so soon but happy for me, just as I knew they would be.
After making some life changing decisions the last few weeks I have found that I am more of a wimp then I first though. If I decided to do this all a few years ago I am sure I wouldn't have been as nervous about it as I am. It's quite scary to go to a country where you only know a handful of people, but I try not to think about all that. It was a long time ago now that I was talking to Lauren [blog & twitter] on twitter and she said something that has stuck with me ever since - "don't think, just do"! Obviously, I'm planning as much of my trip as possible but when it comes to thinking about how scary it might be and start worrying about it, I stop and push these thoughts out my head. After all, worrying wont change the outcome and I'll be able to deal with anything as and when it happens. 
So that's it, the count down has begun. 11 weeks and 2 days to complete my ever growing to do list. I've never felt so unorganised in my life! Please note: moany tweets and lack of posts will only be temporary. You can read about how to get a working holiday visa much cheaper and my experience of STA Travel on my other blog.


Laura Holt said...

'Dont think, just do' - I love that!
You'll have such an amazing time Em. I'm so excited for you, at the same time i'm going to miss you like hell! 11 weeks and 2 days will come round so quick and you'll be in Aus before you know it! Can't wait to keep up to date with everything you do while you're out there.
Just remember to COME BACK! haha xxx

Chelsey: Fashionista-on-a-budget said...

You're so brave but I'd definitely say go for it! You'll have the best time and will never forget your experiences x

Katy Scarlett said...

Love this post. My dream also is to go back to Aus but on a more permenant basis. I'm due to start college soon so I can get the right qualifications to emigrate. I didn't use my working visa to full potential so please don't make the same mistake. Travelling Aus was and always will be the best thing I ever done. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to read all about it on your travel blog! xx

Belle du Brighton said...

thanks for the mention little miss!
You are going to have the time of your life, I just know it! x

Law whalebone said...

OMG, good for you Em! I wish I could go with you, my best friend lives there I miss her so much. We must meet up before you go, I think that you only get one life and you just have to go for it! You should add my friend on twitter @rubyvalentine I'm sure she can tell you cool places to eat, shop etc xxxxxx aww so excited for you!

Rosie Sienna said...

Wow, how exciting! You'll have such an amazing time xx

Marlee said...

hey Emma. where about in Australia are you moving to? I live in Melbourne and would be happy to show you around if you don't know many people.

Marlee xx