Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I don't know about you, but my blog has allowed me to meet some lovely people. I was talking to the lovely Aimee Kitson on Twitter (@MissLuxLife) today and we decided that it would be good to meet the people behind the screen.
We are thinking of meeting somewhere in London on Saturday 10th September. Lots of time to plan :] Let us know if you are interested and any ideas on what we could get up to! I was thinking, depending on the weather, maybe a picnic in the park. It would be great to meet you and a lovely day out :]  You can get in touch with me on the-daisychain@hotmail.co.uk and with Aimee on her blog (click here).


Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun! It's my birthday on the 7th so I may have plans but I'm 100% up for this if not!

Blah Blah Becky

MissLuxuryLifestyle said...

Can't wait!! Should be a really fun afternoon xx

LDNshopaholic said...

Sounds fab! I might be away but if I'm available I'll definitely be there! xx

JB / Sunshine With Everything said...

This sounds great! I would love to meet up with other London bloggers. A picnic in Hyde park or somewhere sounds good to me! Looking forward to it already!!xx

Jaymie said...

ooh if i can i will :)
just cos its 2 days before i go on hol, but i may be able to!