Saturday, 2 July 2011

Birmingham, England

Today, I went to Birmingham with my friend Emma. She will be going back to uni for her 4th year in September. I went along to help her move in to her house and keep her company in the car. I love going to different cities, I think that each one has something different to offer.
Emma's house is really nice. She's got a lovely room and there is a beautiful garden, which she hasn't had before. After moving her bits in to her room we went out for dinner. I was surprised as to how cheap it all was. I had gammon, egg and chips with a Budwised for about £5! Bargain!

Emma also took me on a bit of a tour of her Uni. The grounds are really pretty and I love the old buildings. She is really looking forward to her final year and I am excited to go visit her.


Alice said...

Nice pictures. Seriously craving a McDonalds breakfast now though!

adoreabubbles said...

haha thats so excited, myself and another girl in my year drove over to Birmingham from Dublin on the ferry its was loads of fun!