Friday, 22 July 2011

cupcakes and butter cream icing

 6oz of sugar and 6oz of butter.
 Mix together and add one egg.
 Slowly add on 6oz of Self Raising flour.
 We added a little bit of Semi Skimmed milk because our mixture seemed a bit dry.

 Put them in the over for between 15-30 minutes, until golden. We poked a tooth pick inside to see if any of the mixture stuck to it. If the mixture sticks to the tooth pick it means they need to cook for longer.
Butter Cream Icing
 We used 4oz of butter and 8oz of Caster sugar.
 We mixed it together and added purple food colouring.
 We used a pipe to decorate the cakes.
 Vikki had bought baby item moulds. We pushed icing in to the mould and out come the amazing shapes.
 And then they were done :) they were really yummy too!
Cardigan - eBay : Top - Primark : Jogging Bottoms - Primark

For some people, baking is simple. For me it seems to be near enough impossible. My friend Vikki makes amazing cakes. We are both attending a baby shower tomorrow and so I thought I'd help her make the cupcakes, and I am pleased I did. I even made a batch of the cupcakes myself. They were really delicious! Enjoy!

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OMG mmmmm :) Those looks delicious.

jodi said...

cute outfits! xx