Friday, 3 February 2012

love potion

Following on yesterday's blog post, today I am reviewing Lush's Love Potion massage bar.

I've not seen a product like this before! The base of this product is shea butter and cocoa butter, so when you warm the bar between your hands it is all lovely and smooth, but not greasy! It would be great to give someone a massage, however, I used it as a moisturiser! It sinks in to the skin easily and smells great.
After smelling the Love Potion massage bar, I am keen to try some of the Lush Perfume. Has anyone tried them before? I'm also looking in to buying some of the moisturisers after Sarah bought them to #ldnxmasbloggermeet. 


Anonymous said...

Goodness I haven't been into Lush for like ever! (To be honest it always makes me feel a bit ill) But oh my haven't they got a bit funky and creative with their products!

Love the sound of this thought.

Jo x

Lydia said...

I need to stock up of Lush goodies so bad! This looks lovely. x