Sunday, 26 February 2012

operation shorts #1

You'd expect to see a post about New Year's Resolutions in January. To say I've eased myself in gently this year is a bit of an understatement.
I have been helping my dad clear out our loft. I discovered loads of my mum's 80's clothes which I love, these shorts in particular. Only thing is - they're too small! It is my aim that by the time I go to Australia I will be able to fit in to these beauties.
I am going to do a monthly 'Operation Shorts' post which will help me keep track of how I am getting on, which will hopefully motivate me to keep going.
Only thing is - I have zero will power after a week or two! Your tips/tricks/suggestions would be greatly appreciated for snacks/exercise/motivation!
Here I go...


Urban Butterfly said...

I bet it was like a treasure trove! I'm doing a similar thing for my girls beach week as after I saw pictures of myself in a bikini in October I was mortified. My trick so far is lunches, I am cooking chicken, brown rice boiled in a stock cube to add flavour or veg. I'm finding it really helps me to stop snacking at my desk and is stopping me reaching for junk food at lunch times as I like something hot. Good luck x

adoreabubbles said...

Best of luck! I have pictures of my mam from the late 70's and she was such a babe. Her shorts where short shorts and hand knit!! Who could ever pull off wooly hot pants LOL

Best of luck with your challenge, you can do it.

life/style/flash. said...

Isn't it weird how teeny women were in our Mums' days?! My Mum weighed under 8st when she was pregnant with me!! (She is quite small too, she wasn't all tall and anorexic!)

These shorts are a great find - wishing you luck but I can't offer tips as I have 0 willpower too... :)

[ Becky at life/style/flash. blog]

Anonymous said...

yay, I have some vintage 12 shorts which im aiming to get in for summer ( thats like a 10 with an iddy biddy waist now) so we can help each other along! make sure you have a good brekkie and then good healthy snacks and lots of little meals instead of 2 big 'uns xoxoox