Wednesday, 22 August 2012

sick and tired

I am so sick of being sick and tired. After having only 2 hours sleep last night, I booked the afternoon off work so I could come home and do nothing at all. I bought some of my favourite foods (Kettle Chips, raspberries, strawberry milkshake and Milky Bar) and actually made the time to sit down and read a book! I haven't read a book in so long and I've really missed it.

I've heard good things about Bill Bryson from my mum so I'm looking forward to reading the book Down Under. I'll be sure to do a cheeky review once it's done. I have so many books that I have bought but not had the time to read. I need to make the time.

In other news, today I got a call from my doctors to arrange a date for a minor surgery. As you may have seen in some of my outfit posts, I have a birth mark on my left arm. I am really self conscious about it so I'm pleased I can finally get it removed.


VLL said...

Hope you feel better soon lovely :-) You are so lucky getting something you hate removed, i wish i could to! x

AliceLily said...

:( hope you feel better soon. All that food looks yummy x

Rosie Sienna said...

Mmm I'm craving strawberry milkshake now, hope you feel better xo