Friday, 14 December 2012

feeling festive #10 - markets

I am staying at the Emperor's Crown hostel in Perth for 6 nights (review here). The family I was staying with have recently gone back to England for a holiday over Christmas and New Year, so I am staying at the hostel until Monday when I will be meeting up with my friend Becky. I have known Becky for absolutely ages and she come to Australia for a year in April so I've not seen her for 8 months. Excited is an understatement.
Each Friday there are markets just round the corner from the hostel but as we are now in December there was a Christmassy theme. There was some beautiful home made crafts, delicious food and a small band singing festive songs. I had such a fun night and I finally started to feel a bit festive. You can see more pictures of the markets here on my travel blog.
This is what I wore to the markets. Please excuse my hair, this is what no conditioner, hot weather and a lack of hair dryer and hair straighteners looks like. You can see a better picture of my shorts here.
Tee - Dotti
Shorts - Cotton On
Bag - Zara

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AliceLily said...

Really pretty :) its hard to imagine being it shorts at the moment! x