Thursday, 30 June 2011

[enter name] necklace

I have been a fan of Sex and The City for quite a while. The series and films remind me of my 3 friends; Cathy, Jess and Becca. I think season 3 is my favourite and, believe it or not, I prefer the second film. I know there were a lot of bad reviews about this film but I think it is more fun, light hearted and hilariously funny.
I love the fashion the girls wear. As the TV series has been going on for years, it is good to see how styles have changed throughout time. One thing that has stood the test of time if the Carrie necklace. I absolutely love it and so I recently bought myself my very own Emma necklace. I got it from The one I got is on an 18" (45cm) chain and I absolutly love it :]

3 comments: said...

Love the necklace Emma! I think I need to rewatch SatC to decide which season is my favourite!

Rachel said...

It looks really really nice :) x

adoreabubbles said...

Its lovely :D