Tuesday, 25 December 2012

an aussie christmas

This has been one bizarre Christmas. Not only is it my first Christmas away from family but I was spending it in 40 degrees. The day started early with a small champagne breakfast, then a trip to the beach. The beach was so much fun with reindeer antlers, Santa hats and Christmas songs on the beach radios. We only stayed at the beach for an hour or so because even though it was so early it was still so hot. We went back to our apartment to have a BBQ. We had sausages, chicken and steak with potato salad and a green salad. It was so nice but it doesn't beat a roast dinner.
After a big meal I needed to have the traditional Christmas Day nap, I felt exhausted. When I woke I spent a good few hours on Skype calling my parents, my brothers, grandad and gran and then again a few hours after so I could Skype my uncle and my nan.
I had a really fun day with my friend and her family but for me there is no place like home this time of year. I will admit that I did cry a little after skyping my mum and dad but I'm just grateful I got to speak to them and be part of their Christmas Day back in England.
As mentioned previously, I have now started my YouTube channel and I have loaded a video of my aussie christmas.
Christmas tee - Woolworths
Christmas shorts - Primark
Bikini top - Cotton On
Bikini bottoms - Asos
Dress - Dotti


Mademoiselle Lala said...

Emma, that's wonderful Christmas! I remember that Danni Minogue once said that she doesn't understand how Christmas can be without coconut suntanning oil. I think you get it now! :) I bet you were said after Skyping with your family but I'm sure they'll all proud of you! X


xXxStundonxXx said...

Christmas on the beach in the heat does sound amazing. I kept showing my partner your photos when they were popping up on instagram!
I can imagine that it would be strange and emotional though. I'd definitely miss the roast! xx