Thursday, 1 December 2011

feeling festive #2 - decorations

As it's finally December, I thought it's an appropriate time to blog about decorations! One of my favourite sites is Ditzy Doll. The items are vintage and pretty. A little while ago I bought these Christmas decorations, and I just had to show them to you.

The Christmas Shop is full of pretty things and well worth the look, along with the Lovely Home shop. Sarah also has twitter and is so lovely to chat to. Have you got any special decorations this year?

3 comments: said...

These are so pretty, thanks for sharing this!

I've FINALLY just starting writing my blogger meet post - I'll be posting it tomorrow! :)

loopysos said...

Aw love the xmas decorations :)

C. said...

Aw, they are lovely!
We don't have any special decorations, but mam is adamant that her tree have some 'decorations' on it that i made at school.. when i was 5!lol