Monday, 19 December 2011

feeling festive #5 - jumper

(top to bottom: black jumper from Primark, red and white jumper from Forever 21 in Vegas, beige jumper from Primark and red jumper from Primark)

I never used to be a fan of jumpers, but this year I fell in love. They're big, comfy and so warm. Above are some of the jumpers that I find myself living in. I am sure I will be spending Christmas day wrapped up in one of my big jumpers. Do you have a favourite jumper?


k f e d l a n d said...

I'm exactly the same as you Emma! I never wore jumpers till this year, and now I cannot take them off! I think I have this brown one too.. It's extremely snug :-)

confusedbrit said...

I'm similar too in that I didnt really wear them very much until last year, and now I'm addicted! I got bought a very christmassy long one last year for well, christmas, and its been my favourite ever since! I'm coverting one that has now sold out so will be trawling ebay, I bet!

C. said...

I love jumpers! Im amazed youve never been a fan..
I am always cold though, so I have jumpers all year

my favourite jumper is from topshop, one that I bought last winter, its thin, but big and baggy, cream with tiny silver jewels dotted all over it.

i think this and some leggings will be my Christmas day outfit!

Marilou said...

Oh my sweet lord! this deborah lippmann is totally gorgeous. Love the combo x