Saturday, 10 December 2011

say yes more

You may of seen Yes Man the film? It was based on this book written by Danny Wallace. I am a huge fan of Danny Wallace, his books are so funny and inspirational.
Just like the film, Danny says Yes to everything! I prefer the book because what is written in the pages, actually happened to Danny and it is amazing to see how one small word changed his life. I won't give the story line away but I urge you to read it!
I think this is one of the only books that has had me laughing out loud. Not a little chuckle, but a full blown laughing-uncontrollable-until-your-stomach-hurts laugh! Reading it in public will get you some weird looks. I read it on a train once and I literally had to put it away because I was laughing so much. Then I would think about the book and just sit there laughing to myself! So embarrassing! As well as laughing my head off, this book makes me cry! It's brilliantly written and will make you look at your own life, and hopefully Say Yes More.

I have a small collection of Danny Wallace books, and I need to get more. He is out to do good in the world, especially in his book Join Me, and it is a great read along the way!

If you have read any of his books or buy any after this post, please let me know what you think!


Mademoiselle Lala said...

I saw Yes Man and it's actually funny! :) There was also Yes Man idea in the newest season of Gossip Girl involving Chuck, which was in my opinion more down-to-earth. :) X

Han said...

I love the idea of trying Yes Man on real life and see what happens but I think I'd die from having too much to do and not enough sleep!

Annie84 said...

I'd love to give these kinds of books a whirl. I always prefer to read than watch and it's something I'd like to interpret and put it into real life! xx

C. said...

I didnt realise this was a book? how interesting.. may be tempted to purchase..
This im going to try, for one of my own new year resolutions. no's used to be because I was tired or money, but I think after a while it just becomes the norm to say no.. so I'll join you on that one! :)