Thursday, 4 October 2012

#ldnbloggermeet - the bloggers

With #ldnbloggermeet only days away I thought I would re-post the bloggers that will be attending so you can have a bit of a nose at each other's blogs before the day. I am really excited about the day and I am really looking forward to meeting you all. I haven't arranged any talks for the day so it will literally be a nice change to meet up, have a chat and meet the person behind the blog.
The meet is at the Warwick Pub between 1:30 and 4:30pm. More details about the meet is here.
As mentioned here, I only have a few weeks left in England so this will be my last blogger meet in a while but I'm pleased I've organised another before I leave.


Milly said...

I might drop you an email nearer the time as I'm unsure what I'm doing yet, but there are lots of bloggers on that list I'd love to meet! X

Angel In This Dress said...

I said I was interested but I forgot to leave my Twitter details... oops! I am: @Lucy_Angele

Sounds like fun! x x

loopysos said...

Hi, I did tweet you while back, saying I hope to go however my health isn't to good well worse than usual, so not sure if I can attend, xbut would like to @loopysos x

jemmalouise said...

Yeyyyyyy can't wait! X x

Lauren Smith said...

hey love, I'd love to come along with @jemlouisex and @laurenella. My twitter is @ohlittlered! xx

Aysh said...

Hey sweety! Would love to come again also! @Aysh_tmb :) Looking forward to seeing ya again lovely!

Aysh xoxo

Annabel Wyatt said...

Had such a good day today thankyou for organising it! Hope i get to see you before you move away too :D x x