Saturday, 13 October 2012

if you never try you'll never know

I feel like I haven't blogged or been on twitter properly in ages, when in reality it's only been a week. On Monday I handed in my months notice at work. It's official; I'm leaving a second job to go to Australia! It is finally starting to sink in that I don't have a lot of time at all before I leave.
I hate eBay with a passion. There's always someone who doesn't pay or asks to have their item shipped to a different country when you've specifically stated UK only. As my parents are planning on doing our house up whilst I'm gone, and I could do with some extra cash, I have been going through all my clothes to see what I can put on eBay. I don't think I've thrown anything away for at least 5 years so there was A LOT of clothes to go through. Secret hoarder much! Pretty much everything is going to start at 99p so if you fancy a bargain please have a look at my eBay page. There will be much more going on over the next few weeks so keep an eye out :)
As well as selling my life on eBay I've also got to fill my iPod with some epic tunes, learn how to blog and edit videos/photos from my iPad. It's going to be a busy few weeks so I apologise if I don't blog, comment or tweet much. I've also decided that I will be creating a YouTube account so I can vlog whilst I'm in Australia, so prepare to laugh at my first video in the next few weeks too. So much to look forward to ;)
Playsuit - Primark
Jumper - Zara


Lauren said...

hahahaha I love your face <3

Law whalebone said...

Love this emma! But we need a link to your ebay love, so we can buy up all your coshing, and you moneyz xxxxx

Mademoiselle Lala said...

Oh how exciting!!! :) Can't wait for your vlogs!!!!!!!!!! X

xXxStundonxXx said...

hehe love these photos! Good luck with your selling mission! x

Lisa said...

Hey lady! I just found your blog via the Laura Ashley blog... you are adorable. And your plans for Australia look really exciting! I live in New Zealand which is practically next door. Where abouts in Aus are you moving to? If you want to, feel free to get in touch about anything and everything - I don't have a blog but am on twitter etc! Lisa :)