Tuesday, 23 October 2012

beside the seaside

I think I am meant to live beside the seaside; it is definitely my happy place. I spent the weekend in Little Hampton, Sussex to see some family for the last time before I leave for Australia. I'm hoping the next time I have a picture on a beach it'll be in the sunshine instead of the rain. Saying goodbye to family has made my trip to Australia seem even more real. Although I'm sad I'm not going to see everyone for a while, I am getting even more excited to leave. In 4 weeks at this time I will be settling down to an in flight movie on my way to Hong Kong.
My to do list over the next few weeks is ridiculous. I need to re-write my CV, sell even more of my life on eBay and pack. I literally hate packing! Goodbye sleep, hello zombie eyes and getting shit done.


smokingpeaches said...

You look cold! Love the pics though, how long you going to Oz for? X

Vic said...

Just came across your blog this morning, you must be so excited right now!

Le Material Girl said...

I haven't been to Littlehampton for years!! I love the scarf BTW. Good luck with your plans for Oz!! :)

AliceLily said...

Love these photos :) bet youre so excited for oz!! x

Becky Turnbull said...

I love the beach, but like the more natural ones if you get me? Wow your moving to Australia, thats incredible!! I hope you have an amazing time :) I've also just followed your blog by the way, I look forward to reading your future blog posts.

Love Becky xx

Mademoiselle Lala said...

Emma you look terrified on the first photo! LOVE IT! :)

You're gonna miss this weather! LOL! X


Ieva Lasmane said...

We have something incommon - I think Im meant to live next to the seaside as well! :)

Cute photographs! x


Swati said...

Not all beaches are about sun and tan, are they! ;D Reminds me of our trip to Iceland, not long ago! :)


Spencer. said...

Beautiful photos, the first one is so damn cute :')

his little lady said...

The seaside is definitely my happy place too. There is just something so calming about the water and all the beautiful colors of the rocks and shells. Gorgeous shots!
xo TJ

Julie Ly said...

Good luck with everything Emma. All the best!


Elizabeth Nott said...

I love being beside the sea it is so calming and lovely :) You look great! I am so jealous you are going to be getting some sun!