Sunday, 7 October 2012

lush at #ldnbloggermeet

Lush have been absolutely amazing sponsors of #ldnbloggermeet. Not only the meet that was yesterday, but three out of the four I have organised. We are always lucky enough to try our the newest products and yesterday was no exception.

FUN - I am really excited to try this new invention. It smells absolutely delicious and I am excited that it can be used in so many different ways -  as body wash, shampoo or in the bath. If I don't use it all up before I leave, then I am going to take it with me and hand wash some of clothes whilst being poor and living in a hostels.
Fair Trade Honey shampoo - I usually hate anything to do with honey; the smell, the taste, the texture. But the Honey shampoo actually smells really nice and I am looking forward to trying it out. I have used Lush shampoos in the past and they have made my hair feel really nice so I am hoping this is the same.
Emotional Brilliance in Motivation - I am really looking forward to trying this eye liner. I really like the colour and the brush is really thin and easy to use. There are lots of other beautiful colours in lipsticks, eye liners and eye shadows. I also really like the lipstick in the colour Bubbly.


Miss drifted Snow White said...

the eyeliner is sooo gorgeous! did you see I paired it with the golden one as well :)

thank you again so much for yday, i'm so glad i came along :)

Miss drifted Snow White

Nicola Purkins said...

I wore the black eye liner today and it is AMAZING!! And i rarely wear eye impresssed...the FUN made me smell all divine products ever?? I think so :)
Was so much fun, thank you again lady..

Nic xoxox