Thursday, 29 September 2011

glossy box september 2011

So I thought that now it is nearly October, I really should post my review on September's Glossy Box. This Glossy Box was my first one and, after reading some good reviews, I thought I'd sign up too.

I am a sucker for pretty packaging and I loved how the box was presented. I am going to be honest and say the contents of the box were okay...
HD Brows - I heard good things about this product so I was excited to try it out. Sadly, none of the colours matched my eyebrows so I have used them as eye shadows instead.
Plum - I actually quite liked this perfume. It has a stronger smell than my normal ones but, even though I like it, I don't think I'd buy a whole bottle.
Green People - I have used this moisturiser a few times and I am really liking it. I love the smell and it doesn't leave my skin shiny, like so many do.
Moa - I love the smell of this balm but I don't really like the texture. I think it's more like rubbing Vaseline in to my skin. I have quite dry fingers and feet at the moment and it works a treat on them but I wouldn't use it all over.
Rahua - I didn't think the shampoo sample was big enough. I washed about half of my head and ran out, and my hair isn't long at all. I would expect a sample to last one wash at least. I had to wash my hair with my ordinary shampoo so I don't know how it treated my hair. The conditioner had the perfect amount and left my hair really soft. I wasn't too keen on the smell though, it kinda smelt like a cocktail that had been left in the sun.

My favourite item out of this box was Green People's moisturising cream.
I think this months box was more miss than hit. I am going to see how next months box is but I don't want to spend £12.95 a month on something that is just okay.


To ELLE and Back said...

I had exactly the same problem with the shampoo. I thought it was that I didn't rinse my hair enough or that it was because my hair was so long but it seems it's not just me. It really only covered a fraction of my scalp and I too had to use my shampoo.

Safira said...

I don't see the point in giving mini samples. At least give something you can get two or three washes out of so you can test it over a couple of washes.

Looks like you had some different things to me. I had the HD Brows in Bombshell, which was for blondes, the lighter colours were too light for me, and the darkest colour was way too dark, but they were great to do a smoky eye. But I wouldn't pay £20 for it. I think my usual one is half the price and much more effective.


Paperbacks and Postcards said...

I cancelled my Glossy Box subscription before this months came out, I can't say I really missed it. Definitely didn't need to be spending £13 on it every month!


Temporary:Secretary said...

I love reading these reviews. I got sent two boxes this month (the one i reviewed on my blog two weeks ago was given to me for free and is different to the one you have featured. BUT I that I bought with my own money is the same box as yours and i think i'd be pretty dissappointed had I not got the free box which contained full size sample of Loreal Mythic oil. It can be quite inconsistent. :( xxx

Sophie said...

Eye shadow are gorgeous colours! x

Mademoiselle Lala said...

Yeah, this box was OK for me too, but there was nothing exciting for me to be honest...