Sunday, 11 September 2011

#ldnbloggermeet - the bloggers

All the planning and organising finally payed off as yesterday was the London Blogger Meet. I have been so nervous about the event, I think because I put a lot of effort in to organising it all and really wanted it to go well.

I met Jemma, Lauren, Safira and Jaymie at Lancaster Gate station and, once we got to the pub, they helped me sort out all the goodie bags. We also set out the cupcakes that me, Jaymie and Safira made.

When everyone started to arrive, the goodie bags were given out. The goodie bags were absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for the brilliant sponsors we had. The bags were designed by Hero & Cape and inside was goodies from Temporary Secretary and Lush. Lauren also bought us some Vitamin Water :)

Soon after, Emma (@emma_oakers) from Frank PR arrived and with her bought some lovely Frozen Yogurt from Pinkberry and a gift for us all from Fashion Union. It was great to meet Emma, she's so lovely!

The rest of the day was full of blog talk, getting to know each other and having a laugh.

I had a really great day and I hope you all did too! I am looking forward to meeting you all again; next time I will be more lively, I promise. As promised, here is a list of everyone that attended and the links to their blogs and twitter:

Aimee: blog & twitter
Jaymie: blog & twitter
Laura: blog & twitter
Emma: blog & twitter
Law: blog & twitter
Saima: blog & twitter
Lauren: blog & twitter
Madison: blog & twitter
Jemma: blog & twitter
Faye: blog & twitter
Aisling: blog & twitter
JB: blog & twitter
Safira: blog & twitter
Sarah: blog & twitter
Rachel: blog & twitter
Katy: blog & twitter
Zoe: blog & twitter
Please let me know if I have missed you off this list! I am so sorry if I have!

I can't thank you enough for coming. It has been a pleasure meeting all of you. Tomorrow will be a post on the brilliant Niki (Hero & Cape) and Sarah (Temporary Secretary). 


sjmwell said...

aw it look's like you all had a lovely time, wish i could have came along to meet all you lovely ladies! xx

Temporary:Secretary said...

Love this post, and all the photos! Looks like it was a fantastic turn out and a brilliant day, well done you! x

Vintage and Cake said...

Had such an amazing time hunni, just writing mine up now !! Had so much fun and all the girls were so lovely :) xxxxxx thank you again and email you this week for round 2 !!! hahaha xxx

faye said...

It was such an amazing day! I had a wicked time!

Safira said...

Had so much fun! We definitely need to do it again soon. Surprised how well it all went!

I put my post up about it this morning, but looking forward to reading the others.

Is it ok if I use a couple of the group shots on my page also?

Emma.W said...

It was such a lovely day! Wish I could have joined you for dinner too :( Thank you so much for putting it all together!
I'll probably be using a few of your photos if that's ok (I'll credit you! Haha :P)

Zoe said...

aww again echoing everyones sentiments, what a lovely way to spend my afternoon. thanks again for letting me come and i hope to meet you all again soon!! xxx

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

This is such a brilliant idea- Sounds very constructive as well as fun! Super day all round from what I've gathered on the blogosphere. Well done for pulling it off!

Helen, x

Hero and Cape said...

Really pleased it went well Emma, and it looks like you did a really good job!

It's a shame I couldn't make it because I love cake and it looks like there was lots of cake there!

xXxStundonxXx said...

Those cakes are so sweet!

It looks like you had a lovely time, so jealous x

xXxStundonxXx said...

Those cakes are so sweet!

It looks like you had a lovely time, so jealous x